Sunday, January 8, 2017

Getting started

We'll be in Indonesia between March 26 and April 8, and as always, Marc found us some really wonderful places to stay.

We'll start with a return to Alam Jiwa, in Ubud [hotel] [TripAdvisor]

After that we head over to the island of LOMBOK, where we will have a car to do a bit of roaming:

Sempiak Villas [hotel] [TripAdvisor]
Rinjani Lodge [hotel] [TripAdvisor]

We'll spend one transit night on West Timor, just enough time to have dinner, sleep, and catch the next morning's ferry:

Hotel La Hasienda [hotel] [TripAdvisor]

And then the ferry over to ROTE ISLAND, to this gorgeous place I imagine we might not wish to leave:

Seed Resort [hotel] [TripAdvisor]
Finally, we'll return to Denpasar for our last night before the long, long, long flight home from Bali, through Beijing.

Taksu Sanur [hotel] [TripAdvisor]

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